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welcome to the abondoned arcade.
those who reside here might seek reverie, connection, or even just a place to be left alone for a while.

explore at your own risk.

a broken-down arcade machine in an abandoned building

space invader intro

hello~ i go by glitch online, and winter in real life. call me whatever you like.

i've never been good at the social part of social media, so this seems to be my best option.

take a look around, get some inspiration.

carry with you whatever might be of use, and feel no guilt leaving what is not necessary in your journey.

i'll be here waiting should you need anything else.

good luck :]

this is a major work in progress, but please do check back in frequently to see any and all updates :]

a gif of a cd spinning

play something nice for the arcade

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space invader grime

a little story; this website's initial reason for being

try consuming grime, it's always healthy and fun

space invader art

above all else, i like to consider myself an artist.
of pretty much every variety, which does make it hard to categorize myself :/

click here to spiral into creation hell

space invader writing

i write poetry, but i mostly just talk a lot

word vomit with me


explorers, let me know you were here :]

space invader links

i make video games

professional-ish portfolio

unprofessional instagram

little fishies swimming in place

kirby swinging his arms